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God's Word is Awesome: From Evangelicalism to Lutheran

Broken: A Youth Convention

FLY 2013 - Wednesday Night from AFLC Youth Ministries on Vimeo.

Video Bible Studies: Worldview Everlasting Grappling with the Text

Final Victory: Contemplating the Death and Funeral of a Christian

Final VictoryPublished by Concordia Publishing House, this short book takes up the topic of death. What is death, and what does God say about it? How do Christians care for their dead, and how do we mourn? You can purchase the book from CPH here.


Table Talk Radio

Pastor Wolfmueller and Evan Goeglein host a weekly theological-talk show which takes a fun look at the Scriptures, church history and confessional Lutheran theology. To listen to the show and learn more, please visit the Table Talk website: www.tabletalkradio.org

I've been blogging here: www.wolfmueller.co

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Five Illegal Uses of the Law
[February 2010]

There are three good and legitimate uses of the Lord's law, the curb, mirror and guide. As a curb the Lord's law orders the things of creation and keeps society from chaos. As a mirror the law shows us our sin and our need for Jesus and His mercy and salvation. As a guide the law gives shape to our Christian love for our neighbor. These uses or functions of the law are good and right, they are the reasons that the Lord gave His law to humanity.

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How A Christian Should Think About Death
[October 2009]

When a person comes face to face with their own mortality, the are generally two different reactions, “I don't want to die!” or “I'm ready for death!” These are two totally different reactions to death. Which one in Christian?

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Spiritual Warfare
[July 2009]

Our Christian life is a fight, a battle, a wrestling. Luther knew this; he can hardly open his mouth without speaking about the dangers of the devil. For the devil, Luther knew, opposes God and God's Word at every point, so the Christian Church also opposes the devil at every point.

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+ The Curb of the Law: A Voters Guide to the Ten Commandments
[September 2008]

+ The Unity of the Lord's Teaching and Closed Communion pdf

+ Suffering is not a Sin

+ Where is the Holy Spirit? or The Holy Spirit is Heard, not Felt

Life without the Gospel

+ Good, Bad or In Between
A Short Survey in the Doctrine of Man

+ The Most Dangerous Thing in the World

+ "What Do Lutherans Believe Anyway?" A Couple of Notes on the Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel

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If you would like to "Ask the Pastor," email your question to pastor@hope-aurora.org.



August 2006


 Q: An infant is baptized. The parents live and bring this child up learning the Word. This child withdraws from grace later in life when they are on their own. As an adult they come back to church and seek the grace of God. This person then wants to be baptized again in their quest for a new life. Would you baptize again since we believe in one baptism?   answer

Other Writings 


Thy Will Be Done:
What the Bible Says about the Will of God and the Will of Man

The following are lecture notes and the power-point presentation from a Christ on Campus Retreat in Boulder, CO. Notes cover such topics as original sin, man's will in salvation, the means of grace and election.

Lecture Notes (pdf)
Power Point


A Catechism of Death, Life and the Resurrection
[14 pages]
What is death? What happens after death? When is the judgment? ... and many more questions that surround the end of life.

text | pdf booklet
audio: mp3 | wma


'Infant Faith, A List of Scriptures'
[6 pages]
Can babies believe in the promises of the Gospel? Can they trust in Christ? Do babies have faith? This paper explores the Scriptures to answer this question.

text | pdf
audio: wma | mp3


More Articles...

+ Lutheran Evangelism

+ Dispensationalism: What and Why Not?
text | pdf
audio: mp3 | wma

Where is God in Catastrophe and Disaster

+ What's the Big Deal About Baptism?

+ Bible Studies

See also the Articles page in our Beliefs section.



Radio Interviews


Issues, Etc.

"Talk Radio for the Thinking Christian"  This wonderful radio show out of St Louis that is broadcast across the country and over the internet. Hosted by Rev. Todd Wilkins, the show discusses issues of theology in modern America from a LC-MS perspective. Pastor Wolfmueller has had the privelage of being their guest to discuss a number of different topics.



Fighting for the Faith
"Theological Pirate Radio that names names, exposes errors and heresies and has a little fun along the way." Chris Rosebrough, author of the websites ExtremeTheology.com and ALittleLeaven.com, has a podcast that holds the popular teaching in today's church to the light of the Scripture's truth.

Rick Warren's Gospel of Works- mp3
   December, 2007 + In this episode Chris Rosebrough interviews Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller on Rick Warren's false teaching regarding sanctification and how it imposes strings and conditions on Christian salvation. This is a hard hitting episode that exposes Rick Warren's purpose driven religion of works and how its become a 'different and false gospel'.

Luther's Life and Theology Listen to Pastor Wolfmueller on the "Gino Geraci Show" discussing Luther, His life and theology.
   October 31, 2006, two hours
Luther, part 1- wma
Luther, part 2- wma
Luther, part 3- wma
Luther, part 4- wma


Pastor on the Street


Pastor on the Street

  We took a video camera and a microphone to downtown Denver and surveyed nine people about their religious thoughts. We asked if people were religious, what they thought about Jesus and the church, what the Gospel is, and how you get to heaven. The answers provide a small glimpse into some of the broad currents of popular religious thought.
  These audio files include only the answers to these questions. Much thanks to Pastor Joe Burnham for doing all the hard work on this project.

Are you religious?   wma | mp3
Spirituality seems more in vogue than religion, though we did find quite a number of Christians. Notice that the problem with religion is that it's "organized" (like crime) and "tells people what to do." Being Spiritual is more appealing, there is no need to trouble with the law or creeds or anything beyond what appeals to me.

What do you think about Jesus?   wma | mp3
No one said anything bad about Jesus. This was not the case when Jesus walked the earth. Then you either believed in Him or wanted Him dead, there was no middle ground. Today Jesus has been fashioned into a likeable nice-guy who wouldn't offend anyone. This is certainly not the Jesus of the Scriptures.

What do you think about the church?   wma | mp3
Unlike Jesus, in our questions Jesus' church didn't escape criticism. The church is "hypocritical" and an institution of man which is corrupt, out, it seems, to ruin everyone's good times.

What is the Gospel?   wma | mp3
When listening to the answers to this question I could do little but thank the Lord that we have the proper distinction between Law and Gospel. Answers ranged from the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, to Gospel music, to "stories" and instructions to live by. We can rejoice in the answer from the Scriptures: the Gospel is the promise of the forgiveness of all of our sins for the sake of Jesus and His death for us.

How do you get to heaven?   wma | mp3
Answers to this question fell into three categories, all wrong: (1) there is no heaven, (2) by being good, or trying to be, and (3) by believing in Jesus plus doing good or being obedient, etc. Of course, any time you add something to Jesus, it's really the addition that matters. Even of all the Christians we interviewed, none could let the way to heaven be Jesus alone.

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Pastor Wolfmueller


Pastor Wolfmueller 

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller and his wife Keri have four wonderful children, Hannah, Andrew, Daniel and Isaac. He received his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft Wayne, IN in the spring of 2005. He received the divine call to serve as the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, and began his service in June, 2005.

Contact Pastor Wolfmueller: pastor@hope-aurora.org


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